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Spoken from the man himself:
"Well, you gotta keep in mind.. I wrote the pairings, motherfucker. And GraveRobber yelling ‘GRAVES!’ in the middle of a highly guarded cemetery is.. one, to flip off authority.. the other is to impress Shilo. Who do lost and highly sheltered young girls turn too? Graverobbing rebels, thats who! I suppose, that’s my favorite pairing."
~Terrance Zdunich, after being asked his favorite pairing from Repo! the Genetic Opera. [2009]


Spoken from the man himself:

"Well, you gotta keep in mind.. I wrote the pairings, motherfucker. And GraveRobber yelling ‘GRAVES!’ in the middle of a highly guarded cemetery is.. one, to flip off authority.. the other is to impress Shilo. Who do lost and highly sheltered young girls turn too? Graverobbing rebels, thats who! I suppose, that’s my favorite pairing."

~Terrance Zdunich, after being asked his favorite pairing from Repo! the Genetic Opera. [2009]

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My God of Glow, when you're done harvesting, be a gentleman and bring me some tea?

" But of course,  a steaming cup coming right up my Goddess, and a box of more for later. I happened to find this neat lookin’ old cup too, thought you might like it ?"

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OOC - Thank you very much. We wanted to try a different scenario to our main thread and it’s been interesting to write. Always nice to know that our writing is enjoyed so thank you!

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You Have Pretty hair.


" Yeah maybe I do  The ladies seem to get in a spin over it."

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What Have You Done~ Gravemarket AU



Relief flooded through him when Shilo dropped the baton and assented to his offer. As she went to throw it in a nearby dumpster he rubbed his aching shoulder. “ Yeah I’ll be fine, it just aches a little, is all. You did good Sh.. Angel.. damn… it’s gonna be hard gettin’ used to that.. but it kinda suits you I guess.” He gave her a grin, but his eyes were serious. Graves looked at this girl he had swept up into his world briefly and saw her beauty still, much more grown up, and some steel had been added there, no surprise if she was living on the street, but still she was vunerable, as what just happened showed. That got to him, aroused something in him other than carnal interest, which he noted was still undeniably there. He had felt briefly like her protector, her champion and he kind of liked it. 

When she told him she hadn’t eaten in two days, he was chagrined to think he’d denied her the means of food. The least he could do now was to put that right.

GraveRobber set off in the direction of a diner he frequented when he had the time and money. Shilo pulled up the hood of her cloak, and fell into step beside him. He realised then, that he’d seen that garment before.. surely.. it was Blind Mag’s.. or one just like it. He’d seen her wearing it one night when she’d come to the graveyard to place flowers on her friend’s tomb. Shilo’s mother. That just reminded him of what happened under the Opera house. He hadn’t wanted to hurt her, but he’d really had no choice but to play it out or he’d have been dead meat. Rotti was clever, Machiavellian even, he had to give him that. Some of his reasons he hoped to explain to Shilo, if she’d just give him the chance.

They took his usual booth near the back. A waitress brought menus but neither of them really paid much attention. Shilo removed her hood and GraveRobber just looked at her, his brow slightly furrowed not sure how to begin this. Shilo also looked into his eyes as if trying to divine where the man she once knew was. In truth, he wasn’t sure… he had changed, hardened since that time, because he’d had to, and also when he  had thought that she was dead, somehow all the joy slowly leached out of his world. He had been ebullient and pretty cocksure in those days, but more and more he’d had to show a grittier side to keep his place as top dog in the dealers world. All this no doubt Shilo saw, but what she made of it he couldn’t tell, except maybe she was a little scared of him still.

The waitress interrupted the silence to take their orders and Graves decided on a Burrito and a beer. Once she was gone Shilo broke the ice by thankng him for helping her. His eyes followed her fingers as she twisted a curl of dark hair around them, then he realised and returned their gaze to her face. She was a little bashful about this.. Oh yeah, he’d said he was her boyfriend hadn’t he? He’d just been playing along to make her story credible, but for a brief moment there. it’d felt almost real. If she was his girl, he’d have been no less determined to protect her. But he was the GraveRobber.. he didn’t have time or need for a ‘girlfriend’..did he ? Sure, he screwed around sometimes with rich scalpel sluts, and occasionally let a poor junkie pay for her hit with sex, but nothing in the least permanent. That satisfied his needs, or so he told himself, but behind that, was a kind of loneliness. When he went to his bed at night, he felt an ache he couldn’t ease, not with sex or anything else.

GraveRobber was very alone, and nothing and no-one was ever allowed to get close.. no-one had ever really interested him that much… no-one except the girl now sitting before him. 


“ I had’ta do somethin’ and figured if they thought I was your ‘boyfriend’, it might deter those assholes from comin’ back if they thought you had a protector.  I… was glad to do it, this place is goddamn dangerous for a girl on her own… and I’m well known.. all the wanted posters and shit, I reckon I’m a pretty good deterrent.”
 A part of him wanted to offer more.. but… she didn’t trust him… why would she choose to come to him if she needed help? It was just fortunate that he’d happened to be there tonight. He shuddered to think what might have happened otherwise.

"I’m sorry too…I guess I’m just still not over what happened that night."

The waitress returned with their beers at that moment, but he scarcely noticed her, just giving her a nod. He was too caught by Shilo’s words. It hadn’t really occured to him until now, that she’d maybe expected something more of him, that it had hurt her…. he’d felt bad leaving her there under the Opera House, but he also knew that she needed to face this moment alone, to make her own choice. And he knew Rotti didn’t intend to hurt her.. but she didn’t know that did she ?

He lowered his eyes and took a draught of his beer, not really sure if she’d believe him if he told her now, but he was going to have to try. But she’d asked him what he wanted to know, so he looked up at her and asked his first question.
“What I wanna know is… how did you do it ? How did you disappear and survive all this time on your own?”

GraveRobber listened to her answer, nodding as he slowly got the picture. His heart clenched as he thought of her going through withdrawals alone. He’d done that himself once and knew how awful it was. If only he’d been there…

But she’d managed and better than that had been smart enough to use some of the things he’d shown her and managed to carve herself a career as a dealer.

That was impressive. He was about to tell her that, when she referred to Amber very bitterly as his ‘fuck buddy”. Well it was true, though lately.. not so much. He shut up and waited out the rest of her story, trying to imagine what it must have been like for her.
She told him about calling herself Angel, and for the first time he got a good look at the wing tattoo on her wrist. “It’s beautiful.. it suits you. ” He commented.
She wound up her story and said she didn’t know what else to tell him. And then…

"I’ve been alone for too long to care anymore."

Alone ? So she didn’t have anyone ?
That was kind of unexpected. She was beautiful.. how could that be possible? But then she didn’t trust anyone did she, she didn’t want to care…and that was partly his fault.

What he wanted to straighten out was his side of things.

“ I gotta say.. that’s pretty impressive, for a sheltered teenager to manage to survive like you have. I did it myself once.. so I know how damn hard it is. If I’d been there… if I could have helped you, maybe it’d have been easier. “ He sighed  and looked her in the eye. He was calm now, and he’d do his best to try and repair the damage between them, if he could. Even if she walked away after this, at least he’d have said it.

“That night… what I did.. that’s somethin’ I gotta set straight. Look..I’m sorry, real sorry for how it turned out. I want to explain..why I did what I did.” His brows furrowed as he remembered his less than heroic actions, which at the time seemed to make the best sense.
“ I left you there for two reasons.. maybe not the best ones, but at the time it seemed like the right thing. First is.. Rotti used me.. and as far as he was concerned I was expendable. When you found me, I was hung up as a little extra bait for Re.. for your dad, and a  way to force you to see the first part of the truth…your mom’s body.. it was damn cruel, but Rotti played us all. When you cut me down, I had to get out of there, if I gotten killed by your dad or GeneCo goons, what use‘d that be to anyone.. especially you. The second part of my reasoning was.. and I know that you couldn’t understand this at the time.. that I knew Rotti wanted to make you his heir. I knew he didn’t want to harm you.. and he wasn’t gonna let you get hurt. I wasn’t privy to the whole plan, but I figured.. this was a decision you needed to make on your own.. and you needed to know the truth, abut your dad, about everything. I’d just get in the way of that and maybe end up dead into the bargain.  You had to see it for yourself. I was watchin’ the whole thing from outside, to see what you decided. I figured I could help you if you needed it, afterwards.  But I never expected it to go down quite like it did.. that fuckin’ bloodbath.”
Graves shook his head.  “When I realised you had no-one left, I.. tried.. I looked for you, back at your old mansion, everywhere I could think of.. but found not a trace. I’m real sorry that you think I failed you.. but I didn’t just walk away. That’s the first thing I want you to know.”
He searched her  dark eyes as she took that in, hoping it might make some sense to her at least, even if it didn’t excuse him in her eyes. The next part was more difficult.

“ The other is.. about Amber.” he took a deep breath and again lowered his eyes. This was going to be uncomfortable, but he had to put her straight or she’d never trust him, that was clear. 

“ Yeah.. I won’t deny it. Before the Opera we had an arrangement.. okay.. fuck-buddies kinda covers it I guess. But that’s it.. it was never more than that. It was always a transaction.. and okay…maybe somethin’ we both needed from each other at the time. I’m not askin’ you to feel sorry for her. Amber’s a hard bitch and she’d tell you that herself. But that comes with a price. She’s got no real friends, no-one that’s ever even honest with her ‘cept me… and I wouldn’t call myself her friend, I’m just her dealer.. or I was. But I never pretended like it was anything else to her. As for me..”
He shifted in his seat, uncomfortable with talking about personal stuff.
 “Well..I’ve kinda… avoided gettin’ involved with anyone, ’cause I’m a wanted criminal and it’s potentially dangerous, both for me and for them. And the sorta girls that like me, ain’t the kind I’d want. I’m not after some kind of dealer’s moll. That don’t interest me.” 

Graves didn’t add his own deep seated fears about trust and commitment.. that if you loved something.. it might get taken away from you, or that it might be used to hurt you. No he couldn’t look at that, and certainly couldn’t tell Shilo that, though it lurked on the edge of his consciousness.

“Sometimes it’s a relief not to have to think about all that, and with her it didn’t come into it and it was clear what it was. It was never goin’ anywhere. And of course, bein’ associated with her, kind of gave me some protection from the law. She could be mean, but also she saved my ass a few times, when I thought my number was up. But I don’t kid myself that it was out of love, she was just protecting an asset.. her drug supply, that’s all.”

His brow creased. “ I’m not proud of it.. but that’s all it ever was to me, and maybe you don’t know, but since she took over GeneCo, I haven’t seen much of her. She’s tried to clean up her act for real this time, and I guess she can’t afford to be seen down in the backstreets with me any more. Hell, now she doesn’t have to answer to daddy, she can help herself to company supplies if she wants Z, or maybe she gets the uncut stuff sent up to her from the labs. I don’t know, but I haven’t seen her in months.” 

Yes, it had been sleeping with the enemy, and true there were times when he’d first met Amber, when she was just a teen, that he’d had some sympathy for her, but she was a Largo and soon proved true to form. Though he had to play politic to survive, he still hated them and what they’d done to him and this city.. and Shilo. Even the way he was with Amber.. often hard and rough.. he knew a part of him enjoyed taking his ire out on her, making her kneel in the dirt and beg for her fix. He enjoyed the fact that she wanted him, as dirty and corrupt as he was. It was a kind of revenge.

He looked up then, blue eyes steady on hers, wanting Shilo to see he wasn’t lying.
“ What I’m tryin‘ to say is, that I’m not with her, or in the Largo’s pocket.. and goddamn it I’m not on her ‘side’. If you knew me.. if you knew my past, you’d never even question that. So don’t you worry about me sellin‘ you out.. Angel, cause that’s never gonna happen. Cross my heart and swear to die. What you heard that night, was me tryin’ to get information on you. I was tryin’ to get her to tell me if they’d caught you or if you were still missing. I had to make it sound like I didn’t give a shit about you, like I was taking her side, or she’d never have told me anything. Amber hates havin’ rivals so I had to be mean. That’s not what I think of you. Never was. I just wanted to know what happened to you. I.. uh.. I guess it doesn’t matter.. you probably won’t believe me anyhow. Why should you? ”

The trouble was, if he was a liar.. he’d say the exact same thing wouldn’t he? He couldn’t prove it. He sat looking at her waiting for a response, waiting to be told that this was all very well, but she didn’t much care any more and then she’d go.. and then… he didn’t think he could bear it. Somehow it was like she opened him up, made him feel, when all these years he’d managed not to. 

It was then that he remembered the piece of paper in his pocket, the one Shilo had thrown on the ground. The  wanted poster of him. Why did she have that if she didn’t care.. why was she running around with his picture in her bag ? It hit him then, that the reason for this, and her bitter reaction, was that she did give a damn.. that maybe she had thought of him, kept something as a reminder of that brief time.. even if she’d been afraid to come to him.. in case he was the enemy.  

What..  the hell? 

What could he make of that.. it was baffling and he didn’t dare think about the most obvious answer, that maybe.. she had actually liked him, because after all she’d said, he couldn’t imagine that she would see him that way. 

“ So.. you never came to me, because of hearing me speak to Amber ?” he nodded. “ I don’t know what more to say either, but you given me a lot to think about.” 

The awkward silence that might have ensued was curtailed by the waitress bringing their food. He was glad of that because it gave him time to think. 

What did he feel about her now?  Well fuck.. she was gorgeous, even if a bit tired and miserable, she shone.. her pale real skin seemed to hold the light in it and she put any of those surgically enhanced mavens to shame. He felt the tug of his libido, he couldn’t deny it, but he’d heard what she though of him and it was hardly promising even if he had rescued her just now. But it was more than sexual. She was still true to herself, she didn’t simper and flirt and play up to him. She was honest, she was not going to compromise who she was for anyone, even him, and he found that somehow thrilling, it was so different to what he was used to.  When he’d first met her, he’d thought there was no-one in this entire god-forsaken city like her, and that was still the case. She challenged him, because she wouldn’t take his usual bullshit, but he kind of liked that. She made him feel hopeful too, like maybe there could be something worth caring about. But had he screwed it up too badly by what had happened earlier? Only one way to find out.
Finishing a mouthful of burrito, he said, with a small smile.


 “ Look, lets eat and then.. maybe we think about how I can put somethin’ of this right. I can’t just let you walk away with nothin’ to support you. You worked for that Zydrate you took tonight after all. I’m willin’ to give it back to you.. or if you’d rather, I can pay you for what it’s worth. That’ll save me the work and save you the sellin’. What do you think about that.. is it a deal ?”

He genuinely wanted to help her but in truth, he was also stalling for time, trying to find a way to extend this meeting.. for he couldn’t bear the thought of her just getting up and walking back into the darkness and never seeing her again. 

No one really knew anything about GraveRobber, hell neither did she. His comment about kicking Z made her wonder what exactly his teenage life had been like and how it changed him to be the kind of man he was today. There were questions that Shilo wanted answered, but at the same time she wasn’t really wanting to get close to him, or anyone…they would only leave in the end.

Settling back against the booth, Shilo didn’t take her eyes off of his Zydrate blue eyes as he began to explain the reasons why he had left her on her own that night, after she had cut him loose and gotten him free. When he spoke of not leaving her behind, her stomach felt like it was in a knot and her face visibly winced; it felt almost a little too late for him to be saying that, but being the kind of person she was, hearing it come from him rather then speculating that he had abandoned her made Shilo feel a little bit better about it, though she was far from forgiving him just yet. It would be impossible for her to just forget the past year and a half and think that he was forgiven.

The next topic made Shilo feel like she was swallowing acid; Amber. Her dark eyes looked away from his for a moment and she chewed her bottom lip before taking in a deep breath and turned her attention back to him. What was more surprising was how GraveRobber even looked like this was going to be an uncomfortable topic; but why should he care? Everyone knew that he slept around with his junkies if they couldn’t pay for a hit, and Amber was his highest and most demanding junkie of them all. Still, the idea that he had touched her and kissed her made Shilo feel like she didn’t want him anywhere near her…but then…damn at the same time, there was only one guy who had ever treated her with respect. It was a fucking hard topic all around.

And what the hell was she thinking? She was nineteen going on twenty, there was no way in hell GraveRobber would find a young woman like herself attractive. Fuck, she wasn’t perfectly molded like the other women in Sanitarium and everything she had was natural. How could one compete in this modern world where it was everything bought and purchased  that made someone beautiful or worth while?

Shaking her thoughts and listening to GraveRobber talk about his arrangements with Amber, her hand on her beer was a little tighter, but only because she hated that woman like no one else. It was strange how he couldn’t look her in the eye and he even spoke of not being proud of what he had done. That…was surprising. This was GraveRobber; he didn’t apologize or give a fuck of what other people thought about him and what he did for a living. He answered to no one and didn’t care about anyone other then getting his Z on the streets and into the junkies. It wasn’t like she was expecting more from him…was she?

As GraveRobber suddenly looked up at her, there was a fierce glow in those Zydrate eyes of his that made Shilo sit back a little in the booth further, never seeing him speak with such a conviction that he was not with the Largo’s and nor was he on Amber’s side for that matter. His words rang with some truth however because Shilo didn’t know if she could trust him either…she wanted to, in her own way to have someone to be there to help if she needed him, but at the end of the day he was not the same GraveRobber she knew and his claws were longer…his teeth sharper. How did she know he wasn’t going to snap at her and use those tools on her?

Swallowing and taking a deep breath Shilo didn’t know if she was going to be able to handle anymore of this when the waitress came back with their food. She had been so hungry that even smelling it made her stomach turn and like a hungry animal, Shilo dug into her food quickly enjoying the taste of fresh meat, cheese and lettuce. It was the best thing that had the young woman had tasted in a very long time. Within a matter of seconds it was gone and she was full, for her stomach was not as big as GraveRobber’s, and not as strong; eating trash had been the lowest of the low, other then sleeping in it.

At GraveRobber’s sudden offer, Shilo perked up and her eyes narrowed a little at him, “Are you serious?” He was going to give her the profits of the Z she had ‘stolen’ from him? What happened to the hunter who had roughly gotten her trapped and threatened to get payment from her? Who was the man and who was the beast? Shilo normally would have let him keep it, but some of the money from the nearly eight full vials of Zydrate was enough to not only feed her, but she would be able to afford to finally put her head down on a real pillow and the prospects of a real shower. It was too good to pass up.

Did he have enough credits for that? Shilo nodded her head, “I’ll let your keep the vials, I’m kinda beat up from our little dance.” She told him since her body was indeed a little sore from the throwing down from the gate and then being slammed into the wall. “But I will take that money.” She said and knew that they couldn’t exchange it in the pub; he liked chasing death, Shilo didn’t. After GraveRobber had payed for their meal, which he insisted upon, Shilo walked with him down one of the alleyways as she stopped him, “Here is good.” And as she waited for him to get her the promised credits, Shilo could hear someone…no the feet were too heavy…GeneCops coming down the alley.

Shit! But they were not selling, not really…fuck, they were not going to jail or worse.

Pulling him in close Shilo whispered, “Play along or we get shot.” Her face was wanted a little more then GraveRobber’s so burying her face in his shoulder, Shilo decided it would be better to pretend they were a couple caught up in the moment, rather then peddlers. Moving her lips to his collar bone, Shilo kissed the slightly exposed skin, before latching onto the skin, biting and sucking it as GraveRobber’s hands went to the wall behind her. It wasn’t fair…not really, but it was a desperate moment…and to her surprise, his skin was…real. Was he not like everyone else?

After what seemed a while to Shilo, she pulled back and looked over both their shoulders for the GeneCops, but they were no where to be seen and there were no cracks for them to hide in. Looking at him and clearing her throat, Shilo licked her lips and said, “Uh…good, good job.” She told him awkwardly as she held out her hand, “Credits? I’m looking forward to a bed tonight.”

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Alone and Lost in Paradise + AU



It was as she looked at GraveRobber, that Shilo saw for just a moment, a split second of what he could possibly be hiding from the rest of the world; the past three years had affected him far rougher then she was giving him credit for. There didn’t seem to be any joy, no emotion which used to dance in his eyes even if it was from the thrill of being chased, or the moment she had released him from inside GeneCo Tower; but regardless, there had always been emotion in them. It seemed now it was harder for him to show any of that…a wall was built up around him, an even higher one then before when she had met him years ago.

Not wanting to call him out on her observations, Shilo listened to the list of suggestions of places where she could hide out, and though the library was a very, very tempting idea, she really did not want to be close within the city if she could help it; although there were some spots she enjoyed in the city center, it was far too close for her own comfort. The only place which called to her which seemed furthest away from the Tower was the warehouse. “I wanna see the warehouse. Take me there?” She asked of him, as she smiled for a second to see that old Chesire cat grin smirk of his return.

As they walked they chatted about simple things, from the weather to the best spots of harvesting Z, and even swapping some selling stories. Simple conversation as if they had been friends for years… Shilo had never really had a friend before…maybe GraveRobber could spare some of his time as he was sort of hinting at, and keep her company from time to time outside of harvesting. The further and further away they got from the city the noise began to vanish to almost an echo off in the distance, the area in which GraveRobber had brought her truly was on the outskirts of the city- alone and quite a desolate place.

It was perfect.

Raising a slender dark eyebrow as GraveRobber handed back her bag and removed his own satchel, Shilo’s eyes caught sight of a key ring, with several different shaped and cut keys. Finding one which seemed to be the right one, GraveRobber slid the key into the hole and a moment later a click was heard and the door creaked open before them. At his offered arm to allow her to go in first, Shilo noticed that the first thing she saw was a staircase which could lead up or down. There must have been a basement but that wouldn’t be the living area her companion had spoken of.

Taking the stairs up they came upon another door as GraveRobber used his ‘special’ set of keys once more and opened it. “What else do you have on there?” Shilo asked, her fingers gliding along one of them before handing it back to him. The warehouse was huge and so was the living space…almost..too big. Stepping inside to look around, Shilo’s heels clicked and echoed off of the bare walls, her dark expressive eyes trying to look past the dust and  the lack of furniture to see a home for herself. It would need some fixing up, but she could somehow turn this place into a sanctuary.

The empty space had potential, and walking into the small kitchen off of the living room, Shilo sighed and pursed her lips hoping that this time she would not burn down the place like one of the places she had been hiding out a couple months ago. She was not the best chef and hardly had any talent within the kitchen other then a microwave, but this might give her the little push into learning how to cook properly. Opening some of the cupboards and drawers, Shilo began to make a list of things she was going to require and with a click of her tongue against her teeth, headed off to the left where a series of doors lay.

The bedroom was larger then her old one, and a window allowed natural light to come in from the moon which Shilo loved. Crossing to look at the small dresser and closet, it would fit her clothes and boots, not to mention there would be some extra space for new clothes…Her father had left her quite the sum of money and now she could put it to use to help create a new home for herself. The bed was large enough to fit two, and she was excited at the idea of being able to stretch out on the bed without having to fall off or hit the wall.

Heading into the bathroom, Shilo squealed with delight in seeing a working shower and a small bath. It was pure heaven! The next day she was going to buy some bath salts and have an amazing relaxing bath to christen her home. Coming out and seeing GraveRobber relaxing on a couch, Shilo nodded, “I think this place will do.” A genuine smile came upon her lips as she put her heavy bag down and sat on the couch beside his feet to start working on taking off her  boots. It was then that Shilo heard the familiar sound of thunder in the distance and instantly she froze. Turning to look at GraveRobber she asked, “Hey, mind staying over one night? Just so I get used to the sounds.” She half told the truth, but in reality…Shilo hated storms.

With the warehouse being so large, Shilo was going to feel small in it and the storm which was now on coming would give her no sense of peace for her first night in a new place. Thankful that he agreed, Shilo waved him off as he went to harvest and do…well, whatever he did. GraveRobber had a set of keys so he would be able to come back in as she locked them once more for a sense of security.

Not feeling overly hungry the young woman set to putting her clothes away and putting out on the dresser the small few items she had been able to retrieve from her room. It wasn’t much, but it was beginning to look a little more ‘her’. Removing her clothes as a flash of lightning brightened up her room from the window, Shilo shuddered and quickly changed into a white nightgown which ended at her knees and slipped into bed to rest for a bit; perhaps she could fall asleep quick enough that she wouldn’t even hear the storm…

But it wasn’t meant to be. Shilo forced herself to remain in bed as the storm began to get worse, the rain now splattering against her window, the flashes of lightning almost now constant, and the deafening echo of thunder causing her heart to nearly stop each time. Pale hands dug into the stale sheets, before the last crash had been so loud, Shilo yelped and hurried out of her room to see a peaceful and calm GraveRobber sleeping on the couch.

Swallowing hard and tip toeing across the room to see him sleeping with his boots and jacket off, Shilo licked her bottom lip and nibbled it; she really shouldn’t be bothering him…He needed rest too, not to take care of a twenty one year old frightened girl from a storm. But her resolve became strong once more at the second loud boom of thunder and Shilo gasped as she reached down and shook his arm. “Graves? Graves, wake up.” She asked of him softly, shaking him a little harder before his Zydrate blue eyes snapped open and his hands were around her arms so quickly, she hardly had a second to register that he had her on the ground under him, his eyes blazing and his teeth meshed together.

It was like he didn’t…know who she was. Had she caught him in a dream like state? His breathing was heavy and he looked almost startled, so gently Shilo lifted her hands up to cup his face, “Ssshh...Graves…Graves it’s me…it’s Shi." She called to him, as her hands pushed back his locks of hair which felt about his shoulders like a colourful mane of some wild beast. Slowly he seemed to come back to himself but Shilo continued to coax him. "I’m sorry…I- I don’t handle storms well and I got scared. I didn’t mean to startle you." Her hands continued to rub his face and would run her fingers through his hair until he lost that distant look in his eyes.

"You okay?" Shilo honestly asked him, before her grip on his shoulders then tightened at the thunder above their heads. "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you. I’m not hurt.."

She had chosen well in his opinion. The warehouse had the most living space of the three and was situated in an area few people bothered with so she could come and go without notice. There were no patrols out here too and it wasn’t as far out as the bridge nor as close to the centre as the library.
Graves smiled at her and they set off, winding through the network of alleys and some tumble -down roofless factories. The place had a big steel door out front meant for goods vehicles,with a smaller normal sized door set into one side of it. This he had a key for.

He drew out of his pocket a good sized bunch of keys and searched for the right one. Shilo was curious about this.
“ Oh yeah, I keep the ones from a few favourite bolt holes, a coupl’a old derelicts with good pickin’s and some of the tombs too, that’s one of those you just touched. Never know when they’ll come in handy.. plus some lock-picks for the ones that don’t have keys.”
He let her enter and look around for herself while he took a seat in the living room. She seemed to like it, especially the bathroom and he could see from her expression that she was making plans for it already.
“ If you like I can go on a furniture hunt with you for anything else you need, there’s plenty of stuff around if you know where to look. It’s got the basics but I guess you wanna put your own stamp on it.”

She had just sat beside him when thunder rolled overhead and she froze.. and her brow creased as if remembering something distressing. 

“ Stay over ? Yeah sure, I’d be glad to, I’ll be back in a few hours then, give you time to settle in. Here… you better take these keys, I’ve got spares for here.” He handed her the two keys on a little ring.

Graves went out into the stormy night, looking up at the lowering sky he sighed. Not good for business.. He stopped by a nearby cemetery to harvest a few vials and then headed into the alleys. The rain came down in big spashes and it got steadily heavier. He stood under the eaves of a closed shop but still got pretty wet, water trickling down his neck and soaking his colourful locks and the fur collar of his coat. Only a few hardy junkies braved the storm for their fix, and mindful that Shilo seemed nervous of being alone, he shut up shop early and headed back to the warehouse.
Quietly he let himself in. Shilo’s bedroom door was closed and not wanting to wake her he took off his sodden coat and boots and settled himself under a blanket on the couch.

GraveRobber slid into a deep sleep. Whether the thunder booming overhead, or being around Shilo again had stirred memories he began to dream, fractured images of his childhood and times spent exploring the derelict areas like the one around this warehouse. Then some darker threads crept in. Times he’d been hunted by GeneCops, the desperate fight he’d had with a Repoman one night when he’d been forced to hide in an empty tomb and the time he’d almost died when a rival had attacked him as he slept in a dumpster. Only his quick reactions, pulling his assailant into the bin and pinning him down had saved him. 

When Shilo touched him he didn’t register her words, just reacted, still in dream state. He grabbed her arms and rolled off the couch pinning her beneath him. he must have looked like a beast , his teeth bared and his hair wild after the rain, spilling about his face. It took a few moments of Shilo coaxing before he came to, and saw it was her, beautiful dark eyes, wide with alarm and also concern as she lay beneath him.
Embarrassed that he’d done this, he made to get off her but a crack of thunder had Shilo clinging to him, afraid herself now.


“ Ah fuck.. I’m sorry Shi.. I was dreaming, and I thought I was being attacked. Something happened to me a while back.. I got jumped while I was sleeping. I guess it’s made me wary ever since.” 

Suddenly aware that he was still lying over her, and that his body was registering it too, he shifted slightly to the side, but kept his arms around her, and she nestled back against him. It felt good, her small body pressed close to his, seeking comfort from him. Somehow it seemed natural, as if she was just what had been missing from his arms all this time. An idea occurred to him, and a little awkwardly he suggested it to her, his blue eyes softened now.
“ Guess we both are jumpy tonight.. look.. it ain’t too comfortable down here, but if you want, maybe.. I could share the just on top I mean.. uh.. clothed of course, if it’d make you feel safer. You have my word I won’t try anythin’ funny Shi. Think we both might sleep better for the company. “ 

Maybe that was a step to far, but he would keep his word, even though he thought she was beautiful, and he was still attracted to her. He didn’t think she wanted him like that, after his behaviour when they met, but maybe as a friend? Even that was something.. he had no friends really, no-one he could trust in this god-forsaken place.

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Inevitability by Pat Erickson


Inevitability by Pat Erickson

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You seem like the kind of man that if were in the BDSM lifestyle, you'd be a Dom. Do you agree with this statement?


" I guess so, though I have been known to enjoy the occasional switch around, keeps things from getting too predictable ya know? "

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This is a tumblr hug. Pass this to at least 10 of your favourite tumblr followers to show how much you love them as best buddies. Make sure you don’t break the chain. Happy tumblr hugs ~! (◕‿◕✿) (◕‿◕)

Thank You ! <3 

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endless list of favourite films
» Repo! The Genetic Opera [2008]
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